Navarro Mills Lake Marina in Liberty Hill Park - Dawson, Texas
Navarro Mills Lake Marina
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Catfish 2009
Blue Catfish and Channel Catfish caught at Navarro Mills Lake, Texas
Quit Wishing, Go Fishing!
On 2-28-09, Clint reeled in this 36.50 lb yellow cat using a white slab while fishing below the dam.  He and his wife Lisa hold the Richland Creek Record for Flathead Catfish weighing 69 lbs.
The man who caught this said:  If you can pick it up, you can have it.  Without hesitation, Reagan reached down and picked up this 16.80 lb blue cat without missing a beat.
On 3-19-09, Tony & Gary from Waxahachie, Texas caught this 10.00 lb yellow catfish on a trotline baited with beef liver.
CATFISH ED IS BACK AND LOOK AT THAT LIVEWELL!  On 3-18-09, Ed and his friend culled 50 catfish.  Their secret...sour maize and the stinkiest cheese bait we have ever smelled!
On 4-4-09, Daniel from Burleson, Texas weighed in this 2.88 lb Channel Catfish that was caught at the Marina.
Look out Catfish...Bubba is Back and he is catching 'em!  On 4-10-09, Bubba from Hubbard, Texas and Philip from Alvin, Texas caught a 16.60 lb Blue Catfish and two yellow catfish on a trotline.
All Catfish Photos:
On 4-15-09, Artis from Dawson, Texas caught a 15 lb Yellow Catfish on a rod & reel.
LOOKOUT!  On 5-2-09, Ed and his daughter found the catfish in shallow water among the stickups.  Their total catch weighed 43 lbs!
He's back...On 5-8-09, Jerre caught a 19.5 lb yellow catfish below the Navarro Mills Lake dam.
On 5-22-09, Lisa Bates caught a 41 lb Yellow Catfish below Navarro Mills Lake Dam.  Lisa holds the Richland Creek record for a 69 lb Yellow Cat that she caught in May 2008.
On 8-2-09, Olin Harrington from Ft. Worth, Texas caught a 7.91 lb channel catfish.  His party took home 30 nice channel catfish.
On 10-1-09, Billie Jean caught another big yellow cat on a slab below the dam.  This one weighed 27.03 lbs.  Nice One, Billie Jean!
On 10-21-09, William from Robinson, Texas caught a 17.88 lb Blue Catfish on a jug line.
On 10-21-09, Alex from Robinson, Texas caught this 18.53 lb blue catfish on a trotline.  Nice one, Alex!
On 11-19-09, Wayne (Lake Record Holder) caught another big BLUE!  This one weighed 27 lbs!

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On 12-26-09, Jerry caught this 17.5 lb catfish on a trotline.  Nice one, Jerry!
On 10-24-09, Wayne Cook from Haslet, Texas caught a 29.45 lb Blue Catfish on a trotline.

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